Buyer Representation

If you want to buy real estate, but don’t want to work with a agent who is working with the seller of the property, you might benefit from working with a agent who exclusively represents your interests.  A buyer representation agreement is your way to  …


Market Evaluation

We have been providing comparative market evaluations on Lethbridge homes for over 24 years! We know the market and compare your property to other homes listed, and homes that have sold to help arrive at a valuation of your home on the MLS real estate market.

Listing Representation

We love listings! Our 24+ years of experience in helping Lethbridge homeowners get maximum marketing exposure has helped to get sellers the highest possible selling price for their home. We are always looking for new clients and looking forward to helping returning clients with the sale of their Lethbridge houses.


Lethbridge Real Estate Market

The Lethbridge real estate market continues to grow and attract an audience from farther away.  Investors have started to look at the opportunities here.  Retiring seniors love the services available here.  Students come from across Canada to enjoy our 2 leading post secondary institutions.

The local economy continues to remain strong, the industrial park continues to see the expansion of existing businesses and the creation of new ones.  The vacancy rate is near zero for most of the year and the stability makes for an attractive investment opportunity.

Whether you are already a participant in the Lethbridge real estate market or are still considering it, there is a lot of great information and educational resources which can help you make wise decisions.  Read through this site and hopefully many of your questions will be answered.

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